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Your Village LLC

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People say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood, but this can.

Parenthood is a life-changing adventure!


And, like any worthwhile adventure, there's likely to be some rivers for couples to cross or mountains to climb. Because along with the abundant joys, the truth is the journey into parenthood also brings some big changes and unexpected challenges for parents to overcome.  

You and your partner are standing at the foot of a mountain. You're about to take the first step on your Parenthood journey. 

You want to be on top of things, you want to get it right.

And yet, more than anything, it's the way you and your partner approach the terrain together that will ensure you successfully get to the top. Preparation for this is key.

People say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood, but what if you had access to an actual Parenthood Tour Guide to help you prepare for your journey?

Becoming Us Parents' Program

5-week summer session: 

contact me for information!

$150/couple* - includes class handouts and a copy of the "Becoming Us" text

*No refunds. If you are unable to attend this session, your payment may be put toward a future class. 

Becoming Us creator Elly Taylor is called the Parenthood Tour Guide.


"I've taken this trip so many times I know the track. I know the highs and lows and have worked with hundreds of parents on how to manage it, and how to manage it in ways that create the best start for their family. My passion is preparing parents in and setting them up with the needed supplies for their own adventure, so they have the best possible chance to create the family they dream about. ... When you're prepared for the changes, you can embrace them together. You can love, learn and grow into your new version of "us". Becoming Us is what Parenthood is all about."