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Your Village LLC

antepartum, postpartum, adoption, community doula


I’m Kat, the owner of Your Village LLC in Madison, WI, which opened in 2014. I’m wife to a fabulously supportive husband, mama to two lovely and spirited girls, and owner of three cats & a gerbil.

Pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy - people become parents any number of ways. As a certified postpartum doula and maternal mental health advocate in Madison, WI, I work to support parents beyond birth. Whether it's helping an adoptive family prepare their hearts and home for its first baby, lending a hand to a family already juggling the needs of three children, providing physical support to a surrogate mother recovering from birth, or spending time with a mama struggling with postpartum anxiety, I am here to help.

In 2018 I expanded my business to reach more members of the community. Your Village now provides community doula support to individuals recovering from surgery, injury, or illness.


There's a reason they say "It takes a village." We are not meant to be alone. We are meant to raise our children and live our lives surrounded by a community willing and able to provide support, resources, and a sympathetic ear.

I look forward to being a part of your village. 

Training & Volunteer Work

Lead Coordinator in WI for Postpartum Support International {2018}

Trained Antepartum Doula with Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond {2018}

Founder & Executive Director of Madison Area Parent Support (MAPS) {2018}

Patient Expert Advisor w/Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative {2018}

Founder & member of Madison Postpartum Collective {2016 - present}

Certified Becoming Us Parents Program Facilitator {2017}

Trained Baby Loss Doula {2016}

Certified in Mental Health First Aid {current} 

Trained Adoption Doula {2015}

Warrior Mom® Ambassador with Postpartum Progress® {2015-2017}

Trained Breastfeeding USA Counselor {2014}

CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula {June 2014 - present}

My PMAD Story
My girls are almost exactly four years apart. When my second daughter was born, she brought with her a breath of fresh air that cleared away the fog that I had been unknowingly living in the past few years. I looked back over those years and realized I was angry and irritable and apathetic. And definitely not happy. The first time I laughed after my youngest was born, the sound actually caught me off guard.
As I trained to become a postpartum doula, I learned more and more about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders such as postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. I recognized many of the symptoms in myself. Unfortunately, when I took the step to reach out to my provider and support people, I didn't receive the help I needed. And so I began to create a space for others to receive that kind of support - while also doing the work myself to find the help I needed. With a combination of peer support, therapy, and medication, I feel like a completely different (much less anxious!) person.
I now provide peer support to parents in my area along with volunteering with a number of organizations focused on PMADs. I also started a local nonprofit called Madison Area Parent Support (MAPS).
If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental illness, please reach out. There are resources available and so many people just waiting to list. 
You are not alone. You are not to blame.
With help, you will be well.